About Vitale

Vitale means “life” in Italian.

Vitale Natural Care is a Vancouver Island based company dedicated to green skin care and custom formulations.  We believe in the potency and health of high grade food ingredients in their whole form to bring vibrant beauty to the skin.  Highly nutritious and healing foods like Manuka honey, extra virgin coconut oil, acai berry, grapeseeds and skins, organic shea butter, sake kasu and fermented milk combined with herbs and spices like licorice root and turmeric make these products food for the skin.

Formulated and designed by Karen Van Dyck, professional herbalist, natural health consultant, educator and perfumer.  We consider our products and perfumes to be works of art, and hope you enjoy the health and beauty in each and every one.

Products are all tested for shelf life, efficacy and appeal.  They comply to the Canada Cosmetic Regulatory guidelines and adhere to the recommendations for zero toxicity of Skin Deep, the Cosmetic Safety Database.


Contact Vitale directly for information and process regarding Custom Formulation and Private Label projects.

27 Responses to About Vitale

  1. Farnoosh says:

    OMG Karen, this is wonderful, i love it..i have to come to you, never thought about custom made perfume, this is one unique idea :)

  2. Brian Glennie says:

    I am in Parksville and wonder if you have a shop near here. thanks Brian

    • Karen says:

      Hi Brian – The Vitale factory is in Mill Bay. Sorry! Let me know if I can help you with anything. Warm regards, K. Van Dyck

  3. Karen says:

    Thank you for following up on this. We specialize in custom, hand produced natural products and are not in a position to export in large quantities. Thanks for your interest. K. Van Dyck

  4. John Platt says:

    Hi Karen,

    Is it possible to make an appointment to come see you about a personalised perfume for my wife?



    • Karen says:

      Dear John, Yes. I would be happy to speak with you about a personalised perfume for your wife. My phone number is 250-886-5511. Please call when it is convenient for you and we can discuss options. Warm regards, Karen Van Dyck

  5. We run a fair trade non-profit store on Salt Spring Island that benefits African projects. Do you do wholesale orders? Thanks!

  6. stella says:

    just caught your segment on Shaw T.V. Loved it! I’m in Nanaimo. Going to Europe in a couple of weeks. What is the process to get an appt. w/you? I’m ‘assuming’ that a personal appt. is the only way to go?
    pls. email me the pertinent information!
    Much Success!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Stella, Thanks for your message. They keep running that segment (they shot it almost a year ago!). If it is a custom perfume you are interested in, we can discuss the different options. I would be happy to talk on the phone first and set up a time to meet. Did you want to talk before you leave for Europe, or shall we set something up after you return?

      I look forward to meeting you.

      Warm regards,

      Karen Van Dyck
      Vitale Natural Care Inc.

  7. jim says:

    hi karen
    my daughter has rosacea (and i’m taking rose hip essential oil for facial seborea dermatitis) and does not use perfume out of principal plus skin sensitivity. nevertheless i’m thinking to get her the buriti product you produce. i live in cobble hill and am wondering if you have store hours? location? and would you tell me how much the product cost?
    thank you for your assisstance,

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jim, Thanks for the message. I am located in Mill Bay at the factory in the Old Pioneer Mall (unit 6). I won’t be in town until Wednesday, and would be happy to meet you and talk about the Rosacea oil. Price is $40.

      As you know, Rosacea has many theories attached to it and is often treated with antibiotics. This oil is not a cure, but a treatment. Results from clients have reported that used after a steam in the evening (applied at night), it soothes sensitive skin and makes it feel much less fragile. It has been formulated to have the best topical results on rosacea with natural ingredients. I highly recommend it.

      Give me a call at 250-886-5511 after Wednesday and we can find a time to meet.

      Warm regards,


  8. Lee Masters says:

    Dear Karen ~

    Do you still have your beautiful Singapore Curry Blend?
    I would love to acquire ten packages of it if you do.

    All my best ~


  9. Emily says:

    Hi Karen,
    Do you also do custom cologne? My boyfriend is obsessed with cologne and ofteen combines scents to create a smell he loves. I would love to take him to you to create a custom scent as a Christmas gift. Is that possible? Thanks

  10. NANCY says:

    I live close by and wonder if i can pop by to see some of your products? thank you.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Nancy, How nice to hear from you! I would be happy to have you drop by our factory when it is convenient for you. It is located in the old Pioneer Mall in Mill Bay – Unit 6. If you let me know when you will be by, I will make sure I am there to welcome you. I look forward to meeting you.


    • Karen says:

      Hi Nancy, I hope you received my earlier email. I am happy to meet you at the factory in Mill Bay when it is convenient for you. Just let me know what suits you! I look forward to meeting you.


  11. Jeannette Taylor says:

    hmmmm,,, I must have some of your curry blend!!! Do you have hours of operation at your Mill Bay outlet?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jeanette, I didn’t hear back from you about the curry, and wanted to make sure you got my email! Let me know when you want to come by, and I’ll make sure I am there.


  12. Karen Kerr says:

    I dropped by the shop in PIoneer Square on Saturday to get two new bottles of Horse Balm. The two other people in the shop,could not find any product. Do I really have to order online? Karen Kerr Shawnigan Lake

  13. Lloyd Lomas says:

    hi Karen -

    remember me?

    what is the shelf life of Vitale Peppermint Essential Oil

    the bottle we have was purchased Dec/12

    the Pure store in Fairfield [Cool St.] advised me that they would not be carrying it in future

    thks Karen


    • Karen says:

      Hi Lloyd,
      Of course I remember you. How are you doing? No worries about the Peppermint essential oil. It will not expire. You can safely use it. My daughter puts drops of peppermint in her water bottle every day – she says it gives her “fresh breath”! Most essential oils last for a long time (years). It is only citrus oils that oxidize and go off because they are expeller pressed and not distilled. (Sometimes oils will go off if they are packaged in plastic or with rubber stoppers.)

      In August I am moving to Victoria to work in the new Victoria Public Market at The Hudson. It would be great to meet you.

      Warm regards,


      • Lloyd Lomas says:

        will the Market be open every day or just weekends

        I will make a point of visiting you there

        all the best,


  14. Lloyd Lomas says:

    hi Karen

    when will you be selling in the Hudson Bay bldg. in Victoria?

    what sizes does the peppermint essential oil come in?

    thks Karen

    Lloyd Lomas

  15. Jenny says:

    You are so talented! I just love everything I’ve ever tried from your line and I can actually feel the love you put into each product that you create. Amazing quality, using simple and pure ingredients… Great job Karen!

  16. Lindsay Burton says:

    Hi, where are you? Anne Marie said you were in Victoria
    Love to see you. Lindsay

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